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My name is Adam R. Garcia and I’m a 50-year-old father of five who has been dealing with child protective services for years and the lies they tell. I started this podcast because of those lies and to tell my story, as well as the truth behind the stories of others and their fight against CPS, their fabrications, false allegations, foster care deaths and legal kidnappings which has been destroying families and not protecting children at all, much less the families that they destroy with the help of legal support that is not provided to those families. It is the truth that I believe will set us free from atrocities that are committed by child protective services. I will see you all on the truthful side!

CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the TRUTH about how child protective services is NOT truly protecting our children. Many children are abused, trafficked, disillusioned, as well as mentally, physically, & politically disenfranchised, and yes, even death comes to them. We are here to establish the truth behind the many horrific stories that run across the United States that are the true nature of how CPS is harming our children and NOT helping or even protecting them. From horrific stories of being legally kidnapped to human trafficking to placements that are more damaging to our children then if they were actually with family members that love them. We are here to bring out the TRUTH that will set you FREE from CPS Atrocities!

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