CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the TRUTH about how child protective services is NOT truly protecting our children. Many children are abused, trafficked, disillusioned, as well as mentally, physically, & politically disenfranchised, and yes, even death comes to them. We are here to establish the truth behind the many horrific stories that run across the United States that are the true nature of how CPS is harming our children and NOT helping or even protecting them.



In which episode of CPS Truth Now, Adam talks with Micheal and Teresa Blaes about their experiences,revealing the dark side of child protecting services(CPS).


What to listen for:

  • The story of Michael and Teresa
  • A child is a gift from God.
  • How Teresa survived 8 heart attacks?
  • How BEING BLIND not allowed the couple to take care of their child?
  • Is slaughterhouse the new name for foster houses?
  • Extreme situations they went through.


Conversation highlights:

  • [00:02:25] The story of a newly married couple….


  • [00:10:19] Hospital became their temporary home.


  • [00:14:22] Going to their actual home was a strange experience.


  • [00:18:08] After more than a year of suffering, was Mandy allowed to come home?


  • [00:25:35] Learning how to take care of your very own child.


  • [00:28:42] The ATROCITIES of the CPS begins!


  • [00:36:52] Staying in a nursing facility for more than a month in order to learn how to care for a child.


  • [00:40:51] God sent something to turn the whole thing around.


  • [00:45:02] Entangling into a new problem!


  • [00:55:24] They took her into their custody…..


  • [01:02:13] “They documented that I love my cat more than I love my kid.


  • [01:07:59] A MUST LISTEN advice for all those who are dealing with CPS.


  • [01:23:30] How can the terminate the parenting rights of physically disabled people?


  • [01:27:06] The bitter truth of CPS.


Remarkable quotes:

“There is nothing like watching your child crushing in front of you.”


“The only thing we could do was to touch her finger.”


“I am sure that there are good for state people out there but the system is rig!”


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