CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the TRUTH about how child protective services is NOT truly protecting our children. Many children are abused, trafficked, disillusioned, as well as mentally, physically, & politically disenfranchised, and yes, even death comes to them. We are here to establish the truth behind the many horrific stories that run across the United States that are the true nature of how CPS is harming our children and NOT helping or even protecting them.



In which episode of CPS Truth Now, Adam and the co-host Teresa Blaes talks with Rachel Bruno about her past experiences with CPS, revealing the darker side of the system.

Starting with Rachel’s story, they end up by sharing their verdict about the atrocities of the CPS, and emphasizing on the need for a CHANGE!


What to listen for:

  • The atrocities of the CPS
  • A child is a blessing from God.
  • Are Foster homes turning into slaughterhouses?
  • How is the CPS taking care of the children?
  • CPS is a funnel of human trafficking.


Conversation highlights:

  • [00:01:30] The story of Rachel (Encountering the CPS)


  • [00:25:10] Where am I supposed to go?


  • [00:30:41] “God made us survivee all this.”


  • [00:32:22] They will let you go home if you……..


  • [00:35:20] Part of being a person is about helping others.


  • [00:43:02] An advice for everyone


  • [00:46:12] When the laws go wrong….


  • [00:55:55] The Need For A Change!


  • [01:03:23] What is they comeback to cause more trouble?



Remarkable quotes:

“I surrender my son to you, God.”


“She was like a blessing in disguise.”


“It was the devil’s plan.”


“You definitely have a higher power working for you.”


“They could have killed my son!”



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