CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the TRUTH about how child protective services is NOT truly protecting our children. Many children are abused, trafficked, disillusioned, as well as mentally, physically, & politically disenfranchised, and yes, even death comes to them. We are here to establish the truth behind the many horrific stories that run across the United States that are the true nature of how CPS is harming our children and NOT helping or even protecting them.

In which episode of CPS Truth Now, Adam talks about his own story which he had faced, revealing the dark side of child protecting services.

What to listen for:

  • How is the CPS taking care of the children?
  • Is slaughterhouse the new name for foster houses?
  • We are doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results!
  • My daughter came out of the shelter after two months, which by the way, was the limit you could stay there!
  • Are the children going to CPS to die?

Conversation highlights:

  • [00:40] – She was going to commit suicide if she was in long to come home.
  • [05:12] – The investigator reported that we would not be allowed to see our grandchildren. “Our grandson tested positive for Marijuana Use.”
  • [09:28] – They didn’t provided the resources effectively out of all the money.
  • [11:08] – They were removed from home, in a situation, where they can develop Covid-19.
  •  [13:04] – Children put in this situation is not a good idea. This is insanity!
  •  [17:33] – We had a pile of dead bugs, at least 2 inches high!
  • [20:31] – Yet they are the ones who say they can provide the resources.

Special Reminder

You need to get people together behind you, to speak for you whether that be in Facebook group or your family members.

But these questions are needed to be asked!


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