Many people hear about a case gone wrong with Child Protective Services (CPS) and assume that it’s just “one wrong bad case”.


Others hear about CPS and think this agency is doing whatever they can to work in the best interest of the child.


Think again.


In a brand new podcast dedicated to exposing the truth of CPS horror stories, host Adam R. Garcia breaks us out of the lie that CPS is out there “working in the best interests of the child”.


In this first episode, Adam provides a detail about the mission of CPS Truth Now, why it is needed, some of the reforms that need to take place, and a sampling of the hundreds (and possibly even more) cases that he’ll be covering in the podcast.


As Adam states, it’s time to bring these stories and cases into the light so that we can bring children out of the darkness of CPS horror stories.


Tune in to get started on that journey


Important Moments in the Podcast

[1:33] What is CPS Truth Now?


[4:30] Why interviews?


[5:28] What started this podcast?


[6:21] CPS Whistleblower: Carlos Morales


[9:47] The power of bringing the truth


[11:00] What reforms should we make?


[11:53] The case of a nurse who got COV1D-19…and lost her children


[13:55] Mother who abused her son…but got away because she was friends with the CPS worker


[15:50] The problem with the CPS reporting laws


[17:10] How should we reform the reporting laws


[18:24] Empowering parents


Quotes from Your Host

“My question is simple: Why is it that 85% of children that are removed from parents are not removed due to any abuse of any kind?”


“CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the truth about how CPS is not truly protecting our children.”


“We are here to establish the truth behind the horror stories.”

“It’s not just [one bad] CPS within one state.”


“We have children out there that need this truth to come out.”


“It is families that need our protection, not only the children.”


“Many of the reporting laws are completely bogus.”


“The only way for a family to be a family is for parents to be empowered…”


Quotes from Carlos Morales

“I’m guilty of child kidnapping for the state.”


“The key to the salvation of humanity is to embrace the truth.”


“The truth is that I was not working in the best interest of the child…”


Important Links

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Attorneys who Fight Child Protection Services False Accusations #FosterWar


Parental Rights (Now EPPIC) podcast


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